Grand Rapids V2 Inflatable Portable Spa

The 29″ deep Grand Rapids Inflatable spa is a great portable spa that provides an extra-deep liner for added relaxation and enjoyment. This spa is designed for adults with its 29″ depth which will submerge your shoulders and add to your spa experience. The efficient water jacket heater, 6″ inflatable locking cover and included thermal blanket will keep your spa operating during the winter months.

  • New – 6″ thick lockable inflatable cover with 6 inch insulating skirt
  • New – Microban Filters
  • New – Aromatherapy Kit & Scent Cartridge
  • New – Latest Technology 3-Speed Control Unit
  • New – Extra Thick Floating Thermal Blanket
  • 29″ depth
  • Vinyl liner with inflatable wall
  • Includes locking inflatable cover, thermal blanket and 2 Microban filters
  • Suitable for all 4 seasons

Product Description

Grand Rapids with Aromatherapy, Anti-Microbial Filters and Speed Control.

Grand Rapids inflatable spa is the deepest spa in the market. Totally submerge your shoulders and neck for a full massage. Our spa also comes with a 6″ inflatable cover that is tapered and lockable for insulation and security. Perfect to keep your hot tub safe and secure. Specially tapered design to allow rainwater run-off. A 6” insulating skirt will keep your lid sealed to your hot tub to stop heat loss for optimum efficiency. The latest valve system to ensure air pressure is maintained.

The Grands Rapids spa is designed and built by Canadian Spa Company with it 35 years of experience of building spas.

Antimicrobial Filters

  • The very latest technology in filters
  • Natural silver ions stop harmful bacteria building up on the filters
  • Takes out the impurities within the water
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould
  • Keep your water cleaner and safer longer
  • 2 free antimicrobial filters supplied

Aromatherapy Kit & Scent Cartridge

  • Fills your entire tub with a light soothing scent
  • Kit simply connects to your control unit and insert the fragrance cartridge
  • Beads come in an easy fill cartridge
  • A great way to relax and unwind
  • Free cartridge supplied with aromatherapy kit

Latest Technology 3-Speed Control Unit

  • 3 massage speed jet function
  • Secure seal filter housing to ensure smooth running
  • New design air valve for super quick air release
  • Lock feature
  • Easy read control panel
  • 7 metre lead fitted with rcd protector
  • Right angle plug so lays flat against a wall
  • Larger wire diameter especially designed for hot tubs
  • 7m / 20’ lead so no need for dangerous extension cords
  • No expensive fixed electrical installations
  • Plugs directly into a standard socket
  • Shark connectors for sure fitting no arc connections
  • Extra Thick Floating Thermal Blanket. Just place it on the water line to keep you hot tub better insulated, reduce running costs and speed up the heat-up time

Don’t settle for less, our Grand Rapids inflatable spa is built like a spa not a shallow wading pool with a heater. Most of other inflatables are less then 28 inches deep and will have less then 18″ of water. Our spa pack has an integrated filter so all of the equipment is located in one place, no clumsy filters inside the spa. We can easily detach the entire mechanics for easy service and repair

The Grand Rapids inflatable spa insulation package is second to none and our operating cost is the lowest for this type of product, most other inflatable spas will be double the monthly operating costs.

Our Grand Rapids inflatable spa can also be used year round!!


Additional Information


110 Massage Jets

Boxed Weight

41.1 Kg / 77 lbs


180cm / 70" round, 74cm / 29" deep


13 Amp 230V 50 HZ Plug & Play with RCD
110~120V 60 HZ with 15 Amp GFCI

Water Capacity

750 Litres (264 US Gall)


Circulating Pump – Continuous Duty
Massage Air Jet Pump – 400W / 650W / 850W Turbo Air Blower