Hard Top Cover Upgrade - Muskoka

Pay less for hydro by upgrading the standard 6" inflatable Muskoka cover to a 5"/3" tapered hard top cover. This stylish and energy efficient hard top cover was designed specifically for use with the Muskoka portable spa and ensures your Muskoka will be suitable for all-season use, even during our harsh winters.

Make your Muskoka the focal point of your backyard or patio this season!


  • 5"/3" tapered foam core
  • Full length insulating steam seal
  • 5" Skirt 
  • Drainage grommets
  • 3 Mil high density vapour barrier
  • Marine-grade reinforced zipper
  • Double-ply poly-laminate industrial grade liner
  • Double-stitched threading
  • Superior vinyl exterior
  • Locking straps
  • Sturdy handles