Round Hot Tub Cover Weather Guard / Spa Cap

Extremely strong, water resistant and designed to work in all climates. Protect your expensive hot tub cover from ice, snow, tree sap, harsh rain, and UV damage. The 12in skirt features elasticated hem corners for easy installation and removal.

These Cover Guards are designed to fit snug. It is recommended that the Cover Guard should be a size up from your existing hot tub cover 

Please Note: 

This product is not a safety cover nor an insulating cover, it is not intended to be a replacement for a standard insulating foam core-equipped spa cover. It is intended to protect your existing insulating cover and provide it  prolonged life.

Operating Instructions:

*Always remove the Cover Guard before opening or closing your insulating hard cover. Failure to remove the Cover Guard can result in excessive stretching and damage/tearing. This will invalidate any warranty stated.