Accessorise Your Spa

Accessorise Your Spa

Picture the scenario…you have bought your spa and you feel the need to add some extra accessories to enhance your experience and comfort.

Surround Furniture:

Create your own garden spa oasis featuring our range of Canadian Spa surround furniture. When combined with one of our quality portable hot tubs this will give you all the therapeutic benefits of a spa coupled with the opportunity to design your own spa surround.


To help you make it easier to enter your spa buy a two tier pvc hot tub step. The step is built to last with no bolts or screws using a simple push and snaplock system. They have a non-slip surface so great for use by children etc. In addition there are a number of wicker spa steps to compliment the surround furniture available for your hot tub.


All Canadian Spa Covers have a thicker tapered cover which slopes from the centre, allowing for good rain run-off from 125mm to 75mm (5 to 3 inch).

The continuous hinge seal extends the full length of the fold for maximum insulation and significantly cuts heating bills, compared to covers with standard steam stopper pillows. This upgrade pays for itself many times over by reducing operating costs for the life of your cover.

Hot tub covers generally fail due to the ingression of water into the insulation ‘core’. Many hot tub cover manufacturers use a plastic wrap to encapsulate the ‘core’ because it’s cheap - we don't! Our encapsulation wrap is chemically ‘resistant’ and will survive the exposure for much longer.

The spa covers also come complete with heavy duty zips, 6 reinforced cover handles, 5 inch skirt and 8 straps which have quick release buckle & child safety lock as standard.

Cover Lifter:

No more struggling with heavy covers – removal and replacement of your spa cover becomes a one-handed, two-second operation. Our cover lifters are fully compatible with all our Hot Tubs and Spas and most other brands. Our three main types of cover lifter are Top Mount, Bottom Mount, Basket, Cradle and Roller. Cover Lifters are the ideal choice to compliment your Hot Tub, while extending your cover’s life by reducing wear and tear. Cover lifters are made of powder coated Aluminium and can be mounted in different positions depending on your available space and the location of your spa.

Cover Guard Cap:

The spa Cover Guard is extremely strong, waterproof and designed to work in all climates. Protect your expensive insulating cover from tree sap, ice, snow, harsh rain and intense sun. Available in the following sizes:

Square size(s)





96"/243cm x 84'/213cm

• Round size:



The Canadian Spa ‘Fraser’ Gazebo provides both shelter and seclusion for your hot tub

The hot tub gazebo is also one of the essential accessories that provide shelter and shade from direct sunlight whilst adding an element of protection. It also adds to the elegance of your outdoor surroundings, especially when landscaped well.

Hot tub gazebos are a great way to enhance your hot tub and also attract friends and family to join in the fun during a sunny summer day.

Having a hot tub gazebo installed around your hot tub would mean you will be at peace as there will be privacy.

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