Accessorise Your Spa

Accessorise Your Spa

Picture the scenario…you have bought your spa and you feel the need to add some extra accessories to enhance your experience and comfort.
Spa Aromatherapy Fragrances

Spa Aromatherapy Fragrances

Many people enjoy the relaxation benefits that essential oils and aromatic compounds can provide and we have a range of spas with aromatherapy fragrance features. To take advantage of this function, purchase some aromatherapy beads of your favourite scent and place them inside the aromatherapy basket. Impress your guests with your aromatherapy hot tub and treat them to a complete therapeutic experience.
Delivering hot tub by air

Canadian Spa Delivery By Air

In the event that your hot tub cannot fit through your garden access you may wish to consider hiring a crane in order to lift the spa over your property or other obstacles or if your delivery site is particularly difficult to access you could always hire a helicopter!
Canadian Spa hot tub cover

7 Reasons To Choose Canadian Spa Hot Tub Covers

Canadian Spa Company covers are  proudly manufactured in North America and are designed to withstand the harshest Canadian winters. Here are 7 reasons why you should choose Canadian Spa covers for your hot tub.

Plug and play spa

What is a ‘Plug & Play’ Spa

A 'Plug & Play' spa means you simply need to insert the plug into a normal household electrical socket for your hot tub to operate. Find out more about these versatile, portable hot tubs.
Why Choose A Sauna From Canadian Spas

Why Choose A Sauna From Canadian Spas

Enjoy the many health benefits of a Canadian Spa infrared sauna without the high energy costs of a traditional sauna.
Hot Tub Cover Caps

Hot Tub Cover Caps

One of the best ways to protect your hot tub cover from the elements is to use a cover cap.
Preparing Your Garden Location For A Swim Spa Delivery

Preparing Your Garden Location For A Swim Spa Delivery

Check our advice for location and delivery requirements before purchasing your Canadian Spa Company Swim Spa.

Swift Current Portable Surround Furniture

Canadian Spa Surround – A Perfect Spa Oasis

This year create your own garden spa oasis featuring our new range of Canadian Spa surround furniture. When combined with one of quality portable hot tubs this will give you all the therapeutic benefits of a spa coupled with the opportunity to design your own spa surround.
Acrylic hot tub with MP3 player

Lighting, Music, Relaxation

Lighting, music, relaxation...listening to, and playing music can reduce the levels of stress hormones. Music makes you happy, and reduces stress – just like hot water therapy.
Replace Your Old Spa Cover To Save Money

Replace Your Old Spa Cover To Save Money

A good quality spa cover can last up to 5 years if it is taken care of, but what if it isn’t? Look for signs to show that your old cover needs replacing in order to save money.
Ozone in hot tubs

What Does The Ozone Generator Do In A Canadian Spa Hot Tub?

When you purchased your hot tub you may have noticed that it came equipped with an “Ozone Generator” but may be unsure as to how it functions or what it does.

Acrylic hot tub seating features

Hot Tub Seating Features

All our spas incorporate a unique pressure point system within the spa seating which delivers soothing water to specific points on the body.
Swim Spa Features

Swim Spa Features

The therapeutic benefits of regular exercise are well known and swimming is one of the most fun and fulfilling ways to get the whole family fitter and more active.
Swift Current V2 portable spa

Canadian Spa Swift Current V2 Portable Spa

Our Swift Current portable spa has just been upgraded to give you an even better spa experience – so take a look at the NEW features:
Types of hot tub cover clips

Hot Tub Cover Clips

Hot tub clips are essential for securing your hot tub cover as well as helping insulate your spa.

Aromatherapy system for portable spa

Adding An Aromatherapy System To Your Canadian Spa Portable Spa

If you are looking to add an aromatherapy system to your Canadian Spa portable hot tub we offer the perfect option for you to upgrade your spa facility.