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Taking Care Of Your Spa During The Winter

The cold winter season can be a great time to enjoy your spa. Read about some ideas to help properly maintain it during this time or how to completely winterise your spa if you choose not to use it during the winter months.
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Spa Servicing From Canadian Spa

Canadian Spa Company offer Spa servicing and repairs on all makes and models of hot tubs and Swim spas. Have a look at our Maintenance Packages to find the one for you.
Acrylic hot tub health check

Spa Health Check From Canadian Spa

Take advantage of aSpa Health Check from Canadian Spa Company.
Spa Water Test App

Spa Water Test App

Simply dip your test strip into your spa water and enter the colours shown into the 'Water Test Centre' screen if the app. Instantly you'll have the list of products and the quantity of products needed to balance the alkalinity, pH and chlorine levels in your spa.

It's No Fun When Your Hot Tub Freezes

It's No Fun When Your Hot Tub Freezes

Hot tub water may freeze up in extreme cold weather if there is loss of power to the spa or spa has been drained down but pipes not cleared of excess water. Freezing pipes can result in pipes/component damage so it is important to thaw the ice and empty the spa as soon as possible until an experienced spa engineer can visit to repair.