The view from my hot tub

The view from my hot tub

When you enter your spa you will enter a world of soothing relaxation that will help relieve the stress and tension of the fast paced world we all live in. Enter your own private paradise of soothing comfort where quality family time can take place in a distraction free environment. Experience the health benefits as your body rejuvenates and heals itself while immersed in a soothing swirling mass of hot water.

We put time, quality and innovation into each spa we build so that it fits your dreams, needs and budget. Whether you want a private refuge from the hustle and bustle of a busy life, a focal point for social gatherings or even a romantic haven, we have the spa for you. With innovative extras, such as audio systems, Bluetooth, aromatherapy and chromatherapy systems, our spas really can enhance any lifestyle!

After a stressful, busy day, you deserve to be rewarded and you deserve to relax. Let us give you what you need to pamper yourself every day. Our combination of quality adjustable jets, heated air systems and aromatherapy provide a full range of soothing hydrotherapy massage from the gentlest of soft touch caresses to firm deep muscle massaging power.


Your local building surveyor will give you the requirements for the proper support of your hot tub on a wood deck. The average sized hot tub filled with water can weigh more than the car in your driveway. It must be supported properly to ensure a safe and reliable installation.

We recommend that you install your hot tub outside on a 15cm concrete pad. But if you do decide to install it inside your home, ensure that your contractor provides proper ventilation according to your local building code. 


Look at the direction you will be facing, from neighbouring windows, doors, trees or fences. Your hot tub location is very important to optimise your soaking and provide a relaxing environment for you and your family.

What makes a good hot tub garden landscape:

  • A private and enclosed hot tub
  • Boundary walls softened by planting
  • Generous decking/paved areas crisply neatly edged
  • Contemporary layout, ornaments and garden furniture

Locate your hot tub in a sheltered private part of the garden so that you can relax at leisure.

Decking next to hot tubs is comfortable on the feet but make sure it can dry out well and does not become slippery. More importantly make sure you can still access the hot tub side panels in case of repairs or parts replacement.

Where possible site decking in a sunny position. Alternatively use smooth but non-slip concrete or hard bricks, which will absorb the heat of the sun during the day and retain warmth.


If you sink the spa into decking make sure you can remove the side panels in order to gain access to the spa’s inner working parts in the event you need to replace components.

When you build decking around your spa it is important that you create an access point. We suggest you incorporate a hatch or removable panel in order for a service engineer to access the hot tub to carry out repairs.


Local building codes pertaining to indoor installation of a portable spa.

Adequate space for spa with accessibility for service (Clearance of 3 ft / 1m) around the spa is recommended to permit servicing the unit.

Proper structural support is critical. Consult a licensed professional Structural Engineer to determine if the foundation will adequately support the spa for the entire time it will be in place, especially if the spa is to be placed on a second story or higher, balcony, roof or other platform not specifically tied into the main structural support.

Installing a Spa indoors requires sufficient ventilation and/ or the use of dehumidifiers or heat recovery ventilation. This will prevent potential moisture damage to the building fabric caused by surface water evaporation whilst using the Spa.


Make easy work of removing your spa cover using a cover lifter:

  • No more struggling with heavy covers.
  • Removal and replacement of your spa cover has never been easier.
  • Using a cover lifter makes it a onehanded, two-second operation.
  • Protects your spa cover by keeping it from being damaged and dirt free
  • Extends the life and efficiency of your cover
  • No more cover storage issues