It's No Fun When Your Hot Tub Freezes

It's No Fun When Your Hot Tub Freezes

Hot tub water may freeze up in extreme cold weather if there is loss of power to the spa or spa has been drained down but pipes not cleared of excess water. Freezing pipes can result in pipes/component damage so it is important to thaw the ice and empty the spa as soon as possible until an experienced spa engineer can visit to repair.

Here are some guidelines to help you thaw out your spa. If the spa is full of water, has tripped the electrics and water frozen you will need to follow these guides when removing the water:

  1. Purchase a 75Watt lamp and position in the equipment area ideally next to the pump which circulates the water when heating. You need to be able to get as much heat into the cabinet as possible to help thaw the pipes and pumps. (Never put the heater directly in front of pipes as this may result in the pipes becoming too hot and melting).
  2. The pipes/pumps may take an hour or up to several hours to defrost – Monitor the heater constantly never leave it for hours unattended (This is a major fire hazard).
  3. To help things along you can also make a hole in the middle of the frozen water and start to pour in warm to hot water (never pour hot water directly onto the shell of the spa as this can affect the surface or crack the shell) this will start to make the water defrost.
  4. Once all the water has defrosted in the pipework and shell of spa you will need to open the drain valve and allow the water to empty, (using a submersible pump will help to empty the spa quickly) once spa is empty of water you will need to go to the pumps/heater and unscrew the pipework so that any residual water can be released to stop this from freezing in the pipe. (a wet & dry vacuum will be ideal to hoover out the jets and pipes of any remaining water).
  5. If you have experienced damage to your spa call our Service Department and book a date to have the spa repaired.

If the power to the spa has been turned off accidentally from the switch and only just started to freeze you may be able to fix your spa out without emptying it.

  1. Pouring Warm to Hot water into the middle of the spa until water becomes defrosted (never pour hot water directly onto the shell of the spa as this can affect the surface or crack the shell)
  2. Turn on the power to the spa and check each of the pumps to make sure they are circulating the water. If no circulation of water follow procedures 1 to 4 above
  3. If water is moving in the spa it will then start to run on HIGH speed and IC or ICE will be displayed on the topside. Pump 1, 2 and blower (pump 2 and blower only on certain spas) will run continuously until the water temperature in the spa rises above 7.5 degrees. Once this temperature has been reached pump 2 and blower will turn off and low speed on pump 1 and heater will be running.

If you only have one pump fitted to your spa – turn Pump 1 onto HIGH speed, this will start to generate heat and heat water as it passes through the pump.

Reminder – Never leave any heating equipment unattended – risk of fire damage or damage to plumbing/equipment.

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