Adding An Aromatherapy System To Your Canadian Spa Portable Spa

Aromatherapy system for portable spa

If you are looking to add an aromatherapy system to your Canadian Spa portable hot tub we offer the perfect option for you to upgrade your spa facility.

Aromatherapy pack conversion for portable spa

To add an Aromatherapy system to your existing Canadian Spa portable spa follow these steps:
  1. System has 4 x connectors (Water x 2 long pipes, Air x 1 medium pipe, Air x 1 short pipe).
  2. Replace medium air pipe with short air pipe and aroma canister

To take advantage of this function, purchase some aromatherapy beads of your favourite scent and place them inside the aromatherapy basket. Our scented beads create an instant aromatic mood that simply takes your cares away.

Aromatherapy beads canister for portable spa

How to add aromatherapy beads to your aromatherapy system

  1. Purchase some Canadian Spa aromatherapy beads of your desired scent or order a box of 6 assorted scents including Lavender, Chamomile, Rose, Eucalyptus, Strawberry Champagne and Green Tea
  2. Add the sachet of beads to the aromatherapy canister
  3. Place the canister inside the aromatherapy holder
  4. Replace the aromatherapy holder cap

Finally lay back and enjoy your soothing aromatherapy scent.

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