How to Remove an Airlock from your Hot Tub

If your hot tub is experiencing circulation issues or is showing either dr or HH, you may have a large pocket of air trapped within your pipework (plumbing). This reduces the circulation of the hot tub as water isn’t allowed to properly flow through the heater and is known as an “airlock”. To fix this situation, follow the steps below.

  • Turn off your spa circuit breaker.
  • Open the cabinet panel (to the pump/motor that is attached by plumbing to the control pack).
  • You will see two pipes going onto pump/motor which are held on by large unions/nuts- the highest of the two unions needs to be slowly loosened to allow the air to be released then as soon water begins to flow out retighten the union/nut. This will allow the excess air to escape from the system.
  • Turn circuit breaker back on and turn on pumps/jets to check your water is flowing out of the jets.

To reduce the chances of an airlock in the first place, be sure to fill up your tub by placing the garden hose down the filter compartment. This reduces the chance of air bubbles forming within the system.

When your spa is priming itself (Pr is displayed on the control) press the “Jets 1” button on and off to force any air out of the lines – be sure to only do this a few times or it will put extra pressure on motor – do the same procedure if pump 2 is fitted – if spa is fitted with a circulation pump this cannot be done and the air must be removed by using the above procedure.