Canadian Spa Delivery By Air

Delivering hot tub by air

In the event that your hot tub cannot fit through your garden access you may wish to consider hiring a crane in order to lift the spa over your property or other obstacles – or if your delivery site is particularly difficult to access you could always hire a helicopter!

Selecting the site for your swim spa can really make a difference when enjoying a morning swim or evening soak in your spa. Benefits of buying a Canadian Spa swim spa:

  • Swim spas take up less space than conventional swimming pools.
  • They are used for exercise as well as hot tub relaxation.
  • The operating expenses are much cheaper than a swimming pool.
  • When you move home you can take your swim spa with you.
  • Swim spas can be sited above or below ground and generally require less maintenance.


Canadian Spa St Lawrence 13’swim spa pool – great for aqua therapy

To prepare your perfect spa surrounding be sure to include the services of an architect or surveyor as well as landscape and ground preparation specialists to ensure that your site and aspect is suitably prepared. Canadian Spa are happy to advise you on delivery or click here for Pre-Delivery Brochure.

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