Infrared Saunas - heat that penetrates the body core

Infrared Saunas - heat that penetrates the body core

Why use Carbon FAR Infrared Sauna

Traditional saunas:
Heat is distributed unevenly and does not lead to effective heat retention. Traditional saunas work by heating up a box containing rocks. Traditional saunas heat less effectively than carbon infrared and create more heat at the top of the sauna with less heat at the base. Traditional saunas heat the entire room and then the heat passes through your skin to heat your core.

Ceramic NEAR Infrared sauna system:
Produces a shallow heat which does not penetrate far beyond the skin’s surface. Targets heat in a limited area and does not lead to effective heat retention. Ceramic saunas produce very high levels of EMF. Average sauna heaters only last around 3000 hours.

Carbon FAR Infrared sauna system:

Far Infrared light energy is the safest and most efficient source for healing and detoxifying the human body through heat. It produces large wavelengths of electromagnetic light energy that allow the body to be heated internally, as opposed to near infrared or ceramic heaters which only create surface heat.

We only use heating panels which are extremely safe, with and average EMF level of 1.3 mG, 43% less than the EMF levels of average saunas. Evenly distributes heat to a large area resulting in deeper penetration and better detoxification. Heats the body from within which raises core body temperature and helps relieve inflamation.

* EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. They are waves of electric and magnetic energy radiating through space.

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