Preparing Your Garden Location For A Swim Spa Delivery

Preparing Your Garden Location For A Swim Spa Delivery

Crane delivering a Swim Spa – placed on well prepared base with good all round access

Delivering a Swim Spa

A Swim Spa is a very large spa that has a few requirements that need to be met before the purchase. Unlike our Canadian Spa hot tubs which can weigh between 249kg to 463 kg without water, a swim spa can weigh more than 1134kg (dry weight). This means that once it has been delivered, a crane company will be required to properly move the spa to its location. It is the responsibility of the customer or his agents (be it the crane company or lift operator) to assess the lift and control all aspects of moving the spa. The Canadian Spa Company will not take responsibility for any part of the moving of the spa, and cannot advise on the methods used to move the spa.


If you decide to sink your swim spa make sure you can enter the spa pit via a removable hatch to allow access all around the spa in order to carry out future maintenance or repairs (recommend 75cm access around spa).

Swim Spa Location

When determining a suitable location for the spa, proper support and access must be taken into consideration. The entire base must be a flat level surface that comes in contact with every part of the spa and must support a filled weight of 7712kg. Access to each of the panels should be provided to ensure future servicing and that your spa is covered under warranty in case of a fault.

Installing the swim spa will require a qualified electrician to properly install. Ensure that the electrician follows all local building/electrical codes and that they provide you with a certificate of verification. Failure to properly install the required power will void the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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