Spa Aromatherapy Fragrances

Spa Aromatherapy Fragrances

Many people enjoy the relaxation benefits that essential oils and aromatic compounds can provide and we have a range of spas with aromatherapy fragrance features. To take advantage of this function, purchase some aromatherapy beads of your favourite scent and place them inside the aromatherapy basket. These aromatherapy beads feed into the air line of the spa, and with a heated air blower they will release out of the jets if the air venturi is open (if you do not have a heated air blower, loosen the cap about a quarter turn and they will release into the air). Impress your guests with your aromatherapy hot tub and treat them to a complete therapeutic experience.

Canadian Spa Company’s hot tub aromatherapy harnesses the power through scented beads that create an instant aromatic mood that simply takes your cares away. Breathe deep, relax and allow spirit-lifting scents to transport you away to another world.

6 Pack Aromatherapy fragrances

Canadian Spa offer individual fragrances or you can now buy a 6-pack in the following scents to enhance your spa experience:


Relaxation (Lavender)

The sweet smell of this wonderful plant brings almost instant calm and relaxation to even the most stressful of atmospheres. Helps you sleep more easily.

Vigour (Chamomile)

The herb has long been grown for its healing properties. Its smell helps relieve depression and encourage rest. Soothes nervous tension.

Romantic (Rose)

Wonderfully intense, the fragrance is sweet and floral. It helps with a number of illnesses and conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

Discovery (Eucalyptus)

Helps relieve problems like body muscular pain, poor blood circulation, sinus, headache, cold, flu, other congestion problems.

Time (Strawberry Champagne)

Cheerful and attractive, this aroma will help you celebrate whilst enjoying the smell of fresh strawberries.

Spring (Green Tea)

Pure and fresh makes you feel comfortable and at ease with yourself. Try this with a cup of Green Tea for a truly restfull spa experience.

Our aromatherapy directly uses the air from the jets to infuse scents into the air.

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