Spa Health Check From Canadian Spa

Acrylic hot tub health check

Take advantage of our Spa Health Check

How It Works:


A technician will call you to determine your spa make and model as well as access. Any faulty components can be identified prior to service visit.


Once fault(s) has been found, the customer will be given an explanation of the procedure to fix.


We then prepare a quote explaining the costs of parts needed to repair your hot tub.


Faulty part(s) will be removed and replaced.


Once spa is restarted our technician will check for the following: leaks, spa heating, pumps running without air locks, jets open and clear, filters cleaned or replaced and chemicals replenished (if required).


Spa will be checked over to find any faults (leaks, tripping electrics, etc.).


Customer will be shown the removed faulty part(s) and the spa running/ heating

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