Canadian Spa Surround – A Perfect Spa Oasis

Swift Current Portable Surround Furniture

This year create your own garden spa oasis featuring our range of Canadian Spa surround furniture. When combined with one of our quality portable hot tubs this will give you all the therapeutic benefits of a spa coupled with the opportunity to design your own spa surround.

Why Choose Canadian Spa Company Portable Spa?

Over 35 years’ experience in building the best hot tubs in the world. We are focused on spas and it shows in our design and function of our products. We focused on providing a well-insulated product that can be used year round, heats quicker and is deep enough to cover your neck and shoulders. Our control systems use a heat jacket design so that the heater element never touches the water. The advantage of this is no scaling of the electric heater and a safer product. We supply a full range of accessories including spa specific chemicals, Reemay filters, steps and our Canadian Spas Surround to enhance your use of our spas. Lastly we provide the best aftercare and customer service in the industry.

Featured spa: The Swift Current Portable Insulated Foam Walled Spa:

Our Foam Wall 5 Person Swift Current Portable Spa hot tub is the deepest portable spa in the market. Totally submerge your shoulders and neck for a full massage. Our spa also comes with a tough and durable laminated vinyl liner and a 6″ inflatable cover that is tapered and lockable for insulation and security. The Swift Current Portable Spa is designed and built for North Americans/Europeans by Canadian Spa Company with its 35 years of experience of building spas.

Portable spa benefits:

Assemble In 15 Minutes:

Assembly requires no tools and can be completed in just 15 minutes.

Truly Portable:

A unique transportable design allows these spas to be placed virtually anywhere.

Plug Into A Normal Socket:

A Canadian Spa Company ‘Plug & Play’ hot tub means that no additional electrical installation is required to set up your spa.

Simple To Operate:

Our portable spa control system houses the pump and blower in a compact unit for ease of operation. The control unit allows you to set the temperature, operates the jets and the filtration.

Better Insulated Spas = Lower Cost 

The Swift Current insulation package is second to none with its 5″ thick foam walls and our operating cost is the lowest for this type of product, most other inflatable spas will be double the monthly operating costs.


The Thermal blanket and our optional hard top cover is not only stylish but saves you even more on your operating costs

Save energy & money every day compared to the competition with a basic electric cost of around £2.00 a day less our energy saving features make our spa the best choice when you consider your buying and operating costs.

Thermal Blanket and Hard Top insulated Cover maximise heat retention and save on heating costs.

Spa Surround Furniture

The bar feature has seats that can be conveniently stowed under the bar(s). These can also be used to store towels, swimwear and shoes. You can also add a cushioned sofa for extra comfort.

Enhance your garden hot tub by positioning planters filled with your favourite scented scrubs or exotic plants. Add multiple steps around the hot tub to allow easier all round access to the spa.

The spa surround furniture comes as a 5 piece set, or design your own set with individual pieces.

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