Swim Spa Features

Swim Spa Features

The therapeutic benefits of regular exercise are well known and swimming is one of the most fun and fulfilling ways to get the whole family fitter and more active.

Owning a Swim Spa includes all the comforts and benefits of a pool and a spa all in one unit.

Our Swim Spas are designed with our customers’ needs in mind, with a user-friendly design that allows you to fully customise every single experience in your spa (without paying a hefty customisation fee). You can adjust your Spa’s jet pressure according to how you want to work out, swim, or relax. All of the jets are fully adjustable, while multiple Air Control and Water Diverter valves allow you to control precisely how much pressure you are getting out of each section of your Swim Spa.

Swim spa swimmer

Swim Spas are Ideal for learning to swim and perfect for exercise and practice

Fully featured:

All of our Spas come fully loaded with the best features such as pop-up LED speakers, perimeter LED lighting, two cascading waterfalls and an aromatherapy unit. A built-in Ozone Purifier works with our 10-step, 200 square foot filtration process to keep your Spa’s water crystal clear with little maintenance required.

Our unique Swim Lane System can be fully customized to anyone’s swim pattern and keeps you centred in the swim lane using three resistance jets and two profile-aligning jets. After a good swim, enjoy a soothing massage in one of the six multi-jet seats or lounger for ultimate relaxation.

All Canadian Spa Company Swim Spas provide an unbeatable combination of great value, high-end features, and design which are sure to satisfy any household.

Swim spa swimmer overhead view

We offer the best of both worlds with a swim spa and all the benefits of a premium hot tub:

  • Power can be shifted from the swim section of the spa to the hot tub zone.
  • High current pumps allow the user to have a vigorous workout, a deep tissue massage or allocate water flow to the areas of your choice (this operation uses the spa’s single electrical system compared to other ‘dual zone’ spa products which can be more expensive than a hot tub and swim spa separately)
  • Canadian Spa Company Swim Spas are ready all year round and are easier to maintain than an ordinary swimming pool

Our spas come with valuable customer and technical support for the lifetime of the spa, and the knowledge that you’re supporting a Canadian company. Our spas use genuine North American made components, including Waterway, Balboa, and Lucite Acrylic. We manufacture 3 different St Lawrence Swim Spas: 13′, 16 and 20′ models. To view these specifications visit: Swim Spa Comparison


A Canadian Spa Company Swim Spa is a very large spa that has a few requirements that need to be met before the purchase. Unlike our Canadian Spa Company Hot Tubs which can weigh between 250kg (550lbs) to 463kg (1,020lbs) without water, a swim spa can weigh more than 1,134 kg (2,500lbs)! This means that once it has been delivered, a crane company will be required to properly move the spa to its location. It is the responsibility of the customer or his agents (be it the crane company or lift operator) to assess the lift and control all aspects of moving the spa. The Canadian Spa Company will not take responsibility for any part of the moving of the spa, and cannot advise on the methods used to move the spa.

When determining a suitable location for the spa, proper support and access must be taken into consideration. The entire base must be a flat level surface that comes in contact with every part of the spa and must support a filled weight of 7,711kg (17,000lbs). Access to each of the panels should be provided to ensure that your spa is covered under warranty in case of a fault.

Swim Spa Installation and Preparation Guide:

    • Customer to book Contractor to build base
    • Customer to book delivery (self collect or paid for)
    • Customer to book electrician
    • Customer to book crane hire (if required)
    • Agree costs
    • Customer to confirm with Canadian Spa the delivery date
    • Crane arrive
    • Hot Tub /Spa delivered
    • Electrician onsite for wiring spa
    • Fill spa with cold water to ‘headrest level’ (2 days)
    • Switch on power
    • Add chemicals to spa
    • Tutorial on using chemicals (PH levels)
    • Set temperature
    • Operation of control panels
    • Use of Air Venturis, Diverters, Adjustments

Swim spa installations

Installing the swim spa will require a qualified electrician to properly install. Ensure that the electrician follows all local building/electrical codes and that they provide you with a certificate of verification.

Be sure to enquire about the correct requirements before installing your swim spa. Feel free to contact us for additional information: