Hot Tub Seating Features

Acrylic hot tub seating features

All our spas incorporate a unique pressure point system within the spa seating which delivers soothing water to specific points on the body. If your problem area is in the hard to reach neck or shoulder region, many of our spas have a unique moulded neck support with recessed neck jets, which create a truly invigorating experience.

Each spa is designed to maximise comfort with its contoured seating and innovative mould. Everyone will enjoy the various seating styles from the no-float lounger and deep ‘Captain’s’ chair to the barrier-free bench and elevation seat for children.

Canadian Spa incorporates a variety of seats moulded to deliver hydro-massage benefits to all parts of your body.

No float lounger


The ergonomic ‘No-Float’ Lounger delivers a full body massage that can comfortably accommodate most users. Designed to keep users in place without floating away. When submerged in water your body is about 1/10 its normal weight. Buoyancy is a key element of relaxation and stress relief. It helps overcome the effects of gravity and relieves stress on the joints.

Captain's Chair


Ideal seating for the primary spa user, or taller individuals. Well outfitted with jets and a comfortable LED headrest. The specially sculpted ‘Captain’s’ Chair is designed for the ultimate back massage.

Barrier free seating


Allows user to stretch out and massage areas of your body not usually targeted as they are not confined to a specifically moulded seat.

Oversized footwell


Oversized footwell size comfortably accommodates all user’s feet without contact and includes jets to massage tired feet.

Built-in step


Designed to act as an easy entrance-point to the spa and stippled for a better grip. Can also be used as a cool-down seat for children.


Additionally, all our acrylic spas have various types of jets allowing you to massage different muscles with different water pressure. These jets are interchangeable and are easy to grip especially if you suffer from arthritis.

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