What Does The Ozone Generator Do In A Canadian Spa Hot Tub?

Ozone in hot tubs

When you purchased your hot tub you may have noticed that it came equipped with an “Ozone Generator” but may be unsure as to how it functions or what it does. Ozone is a naturally produced gas that is commonly used as an oxidizing agent to help kill microorganisms in water. Our Canadian Spa Company ozone generators use a corona discharge method to produce ozone and slowly inject it into the water using our Ozone Mixing Chamber.

Ozone improves both the water quality in your hot tub and helps chemical sanitizers work more efficiently. Unfortunately, the ozone generator cannot do all the heavy lifting to sanitize the water, and additional chlorine and bromine should be used to maintain a residual in the spa.

Canadian Spa Company produces an effective Ozonation system because the ozone is dissolved in the spa water, where it can do its work. The Ozone is produced in the Ozonator, then sucked into the water system by the Mazzei injector, later the water is put through the mixing chamber to further absorb the ozone into the system. The control packs are also important part of the system as it will turn off the ozone if the pumps are engaged into high speed. This safeguards that if you were in the spa during the Ozonation periods you would not be engulfed in high ozone levels.

The most efficient, effective way to inject ozone into spa water is through a Mazzei injector, which uses the flow of water through a specially constructed pair of cones to draw ozone into the liquid and create an ozone/water slurry. To maximize the draw of gas into the flow and ensure thorough mixing, both cones and the orifice of the Mazzei injector must be exactingly engineered and constructed.

Understanding Ozone Application

The same care should go into the next step of the process, the Mixing Chamber, which shears ozone bubbles and improves the incorporation of the gas into the water without the need for applied pressure or other system modifications. Releasing the ozonated water into the tub through mixing nozzles completes the process, re-shearing remaining bubbles and ensuring that the maximum amount of ozone is dissolved in the water as it enters the tub.

Multiple Benefits

Floating off into the air, ozone can be a nuisance, a threat and a waste. But mixed thoroughly into spa water, ozone is a powerful oxidizer of scale, scum and biofilm. It prevents the formation of chloramines and bromamines by breaking up nitrogenous compounds, oils and organic materials. Ozone can even regenerate spent bromine ions into hypobromous acid, renewing the water’s supply of the killing form of the disinfectant.

Canadian Spa Company recommends using Chlorine with our ozone system because the balance of PH levels is kept using chlorine rather than bromine.

The key to an effective sanitizing system is a multistage approach.

First, ensure that disinfection is preceded by Ozonation. Second, make sure that ozone is reliably produced and effectively mixed to achieve its full disinfection potential, helping spa owners enjoy the health benefits of their Canadian Spa Company hot tub.

Filtration diagram

Using a Mazzei Injector Valve in conjunction with the Ozonator

Many manufacturers attach their ozone generator directly to the jet line and expect it to operate normally, but this doesn’t maximize the full potential of the ozone generator. To properly sanitize the hot tub water, the ozone must be slowly injected into the water at a constant rate to ensure that the ozone molecules bond correctly with the bacteria within the water. This process can be achieved with a Mazzei Injector Valve, which uses the water pressure to create a vacuum to uniformly diffuse the ozone into the water line. This results in a more efficient ozone injection method and an overall reduction of harsh chemical use.

Ozone Mixing Chamber

The Mazzei Injector helps dissolve the Ozone into the water by creating smaller bubbles that are easier to break and be absorbed into the water. Our next stage is to put the water through our a mixing chamber where it further breaks down the ozonated bubbles into the water.

This concentrates the Ozone allowing it to kill more bacteria and reducing wear and tear on your spa cover. This will ensure maximum natural sanitization of your water, greatly reducing chemical consumption – and is another reason why a Canadian Spa Company hot tub is right for you!

When does the Ozone Gnerator operate in the Hot Tub?

For our Canadian Spa Hot Tubs the Ozone Generator will only run during the filtration cycles that you have selected. This will ensure that the ozone is spread throughout the entire system and the water is properly sanitized.

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