Aquatic Yoga exercises in your hot tub

Aquatic yoga exercises for your hot tub

Hot tubs are a great place to relax but they can also use them for aquatic exercises to help improve your blood circulation, reduce muscle strain and soreness, relieve tension throughout your body.

If you’re looking to enhance the well-being of your body and soul exercising in warm water most of these gentle exercises can be performed whilst sitting in your hot tub or swim spa. Please do these exercises gently to avoid injury to your neck or spine. If you feel pain stop and rest before continuing.

Neck Stretch: Place a towel around your neck, lift your head up and use the towel to stretch your neck muscles.
Neck Extension:

This is the movement of allowing the head to go back until the face is looking directly at the ceiling. Don’t do this movement fast or forcefully as it forces all the small joints at the back of the neck into an extreme position. This won’t do them any harm but might increase your pain.  Allow your neck to ease back steadily as you do this, leaving your neck at the end of the movement for a few seconds. 

N.B. If you feel dizzy when you do this leave it out. Dizziness, especially if you are older, might indicate that the blood vessels in your neck are being squeezed by the position

Back Extension: Put your arms straight out with your palms facing outwards and your fingers clasped together and hold position for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.
Lower Back Stretch: Start by crossing your left leg over your right leg (keep your left leg bent and right leg straight) then turn your upper body to face towards the left. Hold this position for 5 seconds then repeat on the right hand side and repeat.
Leg Stretch: Whilst sitting in the hot tub draw your knees up to your chest to stretch your hamstrings.



Whilst you are performing some aquatic exercises why not enhance the experience by adding some aromatherapy fragrance to your hot tub. Canadian Spa Company’s hot tub aromatherapy harnesses that power through scented beads that create an instant aromatic mood that simply takes your cares away. Breathe deep, relax and allow spirit-lifting scents to lift your overall well being.

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