Replace Your Old Spa Cover To Save Money

Replace Your Old Spa Cover To Save Money

  • Is your old hot tub cover getting tired?
  • Is your old cover ripped or torn?
  • Is your cover mouldy?
  • Are you finding it difficult to lift off your spa cover?

    A good quality spa cover can last up to 5 years if it is taken care of, but what if it isn’t? Is your old spa cover so full of water that it is difficult to lift it off with two people? This is a sure sign that the cover should be replaced, as it can cause future damage to both the spa and the cover lifter. A normal cover will weigh approximately 27kg (60lb), but when waterlogged can weigh up to 91 kg (200lbs)! At this stage the cover isn’t operating at its potential, and could possibly be losing its ability to retain heat. As the cover provides the most insulation for the spa it should be maintained as best as possible.

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