Why Choose A Sauna From Canadian Spas

Why Choose A Sauna From Canadian Spas

Enjoy the many health benefits of a Canadian Spa Infrared Sauna without the high energy costs of a traditional sauna. Our saunas feature a simple yet advanced digital control system, Bluetooth Audio System, LED Chromotherapy Mood Lighting, and aromatherapy system and Infrared Carbon Heaters that work to ensure that heat is distributed quickly, evenly, and efficiently to help achieve the maximum benefits of a full body sauna treatment while keeping energy costs low. 


All sauna heating works to heat the core of the body, however traditional sauna heating is uneven and inefficient; it heats less effectively, creating more heat at the top of the sauna with less at the base thus causing high energy costs.

Carbon Fiber FAR Infrared Heating

Carbon fiber, even heating, low cost, operate at a more comfortable range, larger heaters with more wattage and all with low EMF levels.

Even Surround Heating

Evenly distributes heat to a large area resulting in deeper penetration, better detoxification and heat retention. Health benefits start at a lower heat, 32˚, so you can set your sauna at a more comfortable temperature.

Digital Controls

Easy to view and change temperature settings with our digital control panels. Pre-heat setting - schedule your sauna everyday by setting up a pre-heat time so that it is always ready when you want to use it.

Sauna Cabin Construction:

Solid Frame

Solid wall/stud wall, not particle board, stronger structure, less chance of warping.

Pre-Made Panels

Tongue and groove paneling on both sides, pinned with nails, glued and pressed.

180˚ Hinges and 8mm Safety Glass

Our 180˚ high quality hinges allow easy access to your sauna. Our thicker magnetic door and premium hinges allow for a snug fit with no drafts. Complete with 8mm tempered glass.

Hemlock Vs Cedar Wood

Our saunas are made of 100% Hemlock wood which is responsibly harvested according to FSC regulations. Hemlock wood has a neutral smell when compared to cedar, dried out to 6-8% humidity, therefore essential oils work better (even light oils are easier to smell). 

Other Features

Fresh air vent and easy to clean tiled floor.


As well as the many health benefits of a sauna, Canadian Spa Infrared Saunas offer the chance to relax in comfort with Bluetooth Audio System, LED Chromotherapy Mood Lighting, aromatherapy system, Bluetooth Audio System and ambient exterior lighting.

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