What is a ‘Plug & Play’ Spa

Plug and play spa

Featured Model: The Swift Current Spa* – the ultimate in hot tub portability

A ‘Plug and Play’ spa means that they simply require you to insert the plug into a normal household electrical socket for the hot tub to operate.

We have designed a spa that can be easily assembled and be put anywhere – cottage patio, ski chalet, balcony or on your yacht!

Benefits Of A Plug & Play Hot Tubs

  • Easy to install – just plug in and start using your spa straight away! – no electrician required.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Lower maintenance.
  • Portable and easy to relocate.

Each plug comes equipped with an RCD attached to ensure that the equipment and electrical line is protected in case of a malfunction.

Swift Current Portable Spa (Featured)*

Our Foam Wall 5 Person Swift Current Portable Spa hot tub is one of the deepest spa on the market. Totally submerge your shoulders and neck for a full aqua massage. Our spa also comes with a tough and durable laminated vinyl liner and a 6″ inflatable cover that is tapered and lockable for insulation and security. The Swift Current Portable Spa is designed and built for North Americans and Europeans by The Canadian Spa Company with 35 years of experience of building spas.

Swift Current portable spa with hard top cover (optional) and surround furniture

Create your own instant Garden Spa oasis

Having a hot tub with surround furniture in your garden is a great place for friends and family to gather making your spa a more enjoyable place to entertain. Our versatile modular spa furniture range has something to offer for anyone who wants to design their spa surround location, providing comfort, style and form in many combinations.

Enhance your garden hot tub by positioning planters filled with your favourite scented scrubs or exotic plants.

Add steps around the hot tub to allow easier access to the spa. Additional steps can be added for all-round seamless access.

The surround bar also feature seats that can be conveniently stowed under the bar. These can also be used to store towels, swimwear and shoes. You can also add a cushioned sofa for extra comfort.

Relaxing in Yukon Plug & Play Acrylic hot tub

A Plug and Play spa allows for the ultimate convenience in spa installation as an electrician isn’t required to setup your spa.Check out ourPlug and Play range of acrylic and portable hot tubs today for the latest in spa technology.

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