Spa Chemical Start Up Guide

Spa Chemical Start Up Guide

If you are a new Spa owner, figuring out your spa water’s chemistry can feel like a daunting task. There is an overwhelming number of Spa Chemicals that are available to purchase in the industry and finding out what you need to use and for what reason can become confusing.

Treating your water becomes a fairly simple task once you get accustomed to your water balance. Since this is your first time treating your spa water, you will need to allow approximately 4 hours to ensure your water is properly balanced. We highly recommend letting your spa water circulate for 30 minutes after each chemical addition and retesting to ensure that water is balanced. When balancing, always make sure your Alkalinity is balanced before moving on to your pH, and make sure your pH is balanced before adding your sanitiser.

The following information guides are designed to help you with your chemical regime, however, please read the instructions on the chemical bottle before dosage. 

NOTE: Instructions on the product label take priority over recommendations.