Spa Surround Furniture

Spa Surround Furniture


Our Spa Surround Furniture range offers eight pieces that can be used in multiple configurations to wrap around your square or rectangular acrylic spa. You can use a combination of steps, bar, planter and sofa to create an oasis that will allow you to entertain guests in and outside of your spa.

This sturdy furniture is made with synthetic Rattan designed to withstand all weather conditions. The furniture items are lightweight and can be moved easily around the hot tub in order to create the desired look.

The bar feature have seats that can be conveniently stowed under the bar(s). These can also be used to store towels, swimwear and shoes.

You can also add a cushioned sofa for extra comfort.

Enhance your garden hot tub by positioning planters filled with your favourite scented scrubs or exotic plants.

Add multiple steps around the hot tub to allow easier all round access to the spa.

Each piece is constructed of a weather resistant, synthetic rattan over a rust-proof, heavy-gauge aluminium frame. The furniture range has an attractive wicker finish in a timeless dark brown that will easily compliment any backyard décor. All pieces are durable, lightweight, and easy to assemble.

How to configure your square spa surround furniture

Our versatile modular spa furniture range allows configuration to your individual needs and preferences.

  1. Measure your spa where you want to position the straight step
  2. Pick your step size based on your spa size 79”, 84“, 86“, 90“, 96” all the other pieces are universal and will fit around your spa
  3. Customise your spa surround with our other modular furniture pieces to create your own unique set up

Straight Steps

Our straight steps are perfect for providing easy access into your hot tub with a range of sizes to suit different spa dimensions:

  • Step size (Width 85 x D57 x H43 cm / Width33.5 x D22 x H17”). Fit Spa Size 200cm /79”                                                             
  • Step size (Width 100 x D57 x H43 cm / Width39 x D22 x H17”) Fit Spa Size 213cm/84”
  • Step size (Width 106 x D57 x H43 cm / Width42 x D22 x H17”). Fit Spa Size 218cm/86”
  • Step size (Width 115 x D57 x H43 cm / Width45 x D22 x H17”). Fit Spa Size 228cm/90”
  • Step size (Width 130 x D57 x H43 cm / Width51 x D22 x H17”). Fit Spa Size 244cm/96”

Whether you want to add comfy seating to transform it into both a spa and seating area, or clever storage to ensure your towels stay nice and dry, we have products you can pick and choose from to make it perfect.